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VIP 3.0 STANDARD PDR Interchangeable Knockdown Set


VIP 3.0 STANDARD PDR Interchangeable Knockdown Set


Proudly made in the USA
Aluminum anodized color
Built in large magnet to prevent rolling on steel
Standard thread 5/16″
Thick and soft rubber cushion grip to reduce vibrations
5” long (124mm) with tip
Hex head (prevents rolling on aluminum panel)
Precise tapper for fine detailing finish
Great for aluminum and steel panels
Comes with 5 tips:
VIP S Sniper tip 1/8″ (3.0 mm) diameter
VIP R Regular tip 5/32″ (4.0 mm) diameter
VIP FL Flat tip 5/16″ (7 mm)diameter
VIP F Fat (Half Moon) 1/4″ x 1/2″ (6.35 mm x 12.7 mm) diameter
VIP BL Blending tip 3/8″ (10.0 mm) diameter
Make sure to tap the VIP knockdown with a wood or composite paddle!

Tapping the VIP directly with a steel (hammer) will damage the tool and warrantees will not be provided!

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