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*Demo Unit* T-Hotbox 3650 Magnetic Heat Induction Dent Removal System



*Demo Unit* T-Hotbox 3650 Magnetic Heat Induction Dent Removal System



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This is a lightly used demo unit. We are taking offers on it. please email info@denttool.ca for information.


This is the most advanced PDR (paintless dent repair) tool available on the market. Imagine having the ability to electronically reduce the appearance of dents, virtually eliminate them and or do a “push to paint” repair that’s most common for body shops. The repair or reduction of dents happens typically in 1-5 minutes in ideal conditions. Please watch our videos and see our animations so that you understand more about how it works and how it may work for you or your company. It’s designed for use by car dealerships, body shops and PDR technicians. This is a professional tool that uses “heat, vibration & magnetism” to relax the metal and lift soft shallow dents. Remember, just like with all other “professional tools” you’ll need to watch the videos and animations, and most importantly, practice. Truly experienced professionals can pick up this device and learn very quickly. We’ve seen some do amazing things in 1-2 hours while other may need 1-2 weeks of practice

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 20 in


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