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Stanliner Raised Snake Tool 29″ Long and 3/8″


Stanliner Raised Snake Tool 29″ Long and 3/8″


The Raised Neck of the Stanliner PDR tools, give you additional accessibility!

As, with all Stanliner tools, they have very sharp tips and are excellent in hard to reach areas!

This is why you need them. You will get great accessibility through windows and manufacturing access holes, PLUS even more accessibility due to the design.

This helps you speed up the process of your repair, which will save you time and make you more money!

The Stanliner tools are also known for their multi-operational function. They have various pushing points that can be used with various techniques-

pushing, twisting and blending.

Made with the highest quality U.S. stainless steel.

“Remember: Work Smarter, not harder!”

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 30 in


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