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Metal Medic Rail Blaster Blending Hammer – Short


Metal Medic Rail Blaster Blending Hammer – Short


Rail Blaster Blending Hammer, Short
The Rail Blaster short was designed for blending on rails, but will work just as great on any other panel. The Rail Blaster Handle is 12 inches long and weights 6.3 ounces. It features a 13mm carbon fiber handle finished in a durable glossy clear coat. The tear drop handle and counter balance is made from 6061 billet aluminum that has been nickel plated for appearance and durability. The tip head is made from 316 medical grade Stainless Steel billet and has been electo-polished. The tip head has our exclusive tapper lock bore tip retention design. The specialty designs hammer head stem seats into a tapperd bore and snuggly locks into place. This will all but eliminate the attachments from becoming lose durning use. The included tip is a dents craft B2-P. The Rail Blaster also comes in a Long version at 19inches long.

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