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Metal Medic – Bazooka Carbon Fiber Break Down Rod


Metal Medic – Bazooka Carbon Fiber Break Down Rod


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Bazooka Carbon Fiber Break Down Rod

The Metal Medic “BAZOOKA” Breakdown Hail rod is longer, stronger and more versatile than just about anything that is available. It is made from electro-plated silver carbon fiber tube that has an inside diameter of 1 1/4inch with a hefty 1 1/2inch  outside diameter. The Tubes are CNC’d with tabs and slots and are held together with an active restraint system of powerful rare earth magnets. The ferrules are epoxy and pined and are made from carbon fiber  and are extra long for more secure, stronger  fitment and reduces flex in the rod. When completely assembled, the Bazooka is 8 foot and 9 inches long!  The rod comes in 3 sections plus a handle that is wrapped with a Re-Grip cover. The handle is also weighted to match the weight of the 8 hole stainless steel nickle coated tip. 4 tips at 90 degrees and 4 at an optimal 67.5 degrees. The tip also accepts a pick attachment and a whale tail that will be offered as an accessory. A cast stainless steel T-handle is also available.

Kit makes 4 different rod lengths: 4’8”, 6’4”, 7’1”, and 8’9”.

Sabot stainless steel tip included.


Width:3.50 (in)

Height:56.00 (in)

Depth:2.00 (in)

Weight 5 lbs


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