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Druz Toolz 3.5″ Carbon Fiber Knockdown


Druz Toolz 3.5″ Carbon Fiber Knockdown


3.5″ Carbon Fiber Knockdown Magnetic Changeable tip

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These are the left over carbon shafts from the blending hammers. The 3.5 carbon fiber knock down has an aluminum strike plate, a six pound magnet, and comes in a variety of tips. There are parting lines that run the length and some of these tips might need a quick polish when it gets to you. The Length is 3.5″.   The Colored Tips DO NOT interchange.  The Tip options are Root Beer, and Black. The Black is not nylon or delrin.

The changeable tip works with DC and DZ tips. The changeable tip knock down does not come with a tip.  The Changeable tip knock down is 3 inches long.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 in


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