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Dent Reaper Dead Center 16 mm Purple Hex Tabs (10 Tabs)


Dent Reaper Dead Center 16 mm Purple Hex Tabs (10 Tabs)


Dent Reaper Dead Center Hex Tabs combine the amazing Dead Center Technology developed by Keco with a design twist from Jon Videen at Dent Reaper. The stepped tab face increases the strength in the center of the tab while providing extra adhesion power and flex at the tab edges.

Patented Dead Center Technology – the specialized neck to face ratio provides the best possible rigid center pull with flex along the edges to avoid overpulling
Hexagonal Tab Shape – extreme strength and rigidity, perfect for pulling on panel edges and prevents unused tabs from rolling
Stepped Tab Thickness – increases force at the center of the pull while increasing adhesion with a larger total surface area
KECO Ice Material – extremely strong and rigid formula allows for incredible pull strength and maximum energy transfer

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