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Brazilian Gold PDR Glue


Brazilian Gold PDR Glue


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Brazilian Gold PDR Glue

Directly imported from brazil!  This glue is fantastic. It works great in temps from 43 – 102 degree environments with superior results. This silicon based glue has an exclusive quick dry agent that make Brazilian Gold PDR Glue a hail repairer’s dream. Quick to dry in hot environments, and is nearly release agent free. Glue peels right off body panels and glue tabs effortlessly with no release agent needed. You get 1lb resealable bag that contains 16, 12 inch sticks.. That’s a lot of glue. It is the best glue you have never tried. You owe it to yourself to try it. MAKE GLUE PULLING GREAT AGAIN!

16 sticks

31 cm length

1lb total

Weight 1 lbs


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