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DCC Hail was born in 2001 after there became a need for paintless dent repair (PDR) technicians in a non-traditional way. Most PDR companies at the time serviced their local car dealerships, auctions and retail markets with a “door knock” type of service. These companies do not have the expertise, manpower and time to meet the demand after a catastrophic hailstorm. DCC Hail was established to meet those needs and demands.
We have not only worked across Canada but also in over 18 states in the USA, five areas in Western Europe and Australia. We currently have working relationships with over 80 shops across Canada, our main operating market. The demand for qualified PDR hail technicians has increased tenfold over the last five years as insurance companies and customers are demanding and mandating it and as a result, quality paintless dent repairs are becoming the focus.
With over 30 million dents fixed, DCC Hail is where you want to turn for all your automotive hail damage repair needs. We have over 100 years of experience with a crew of technicians dedicated to giving you the highest quality PDR repairs. If hail hits your city, ask your local shop for paintless dent repair by DCC Hail to ensure your car is in good hands.