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About DCC Dent Tools

Tools and supplies for Canada’s PDR professionals

The dream of DCC Dent Tools has been in the making for the last 3 years; it’s such an honor to see it come to fruition. Like most PDR technicians, we saw a huge hole in the market, especially in Canada. The struggle is real, procuring the latest and greatest Paintless Dent Repair Tools across the Canadian border in a timely fashion and without surprise fees was seemingly impossible. To combat this, DCCHailTools was born. We had to build and stock the most comprehensive pdr tool collection in Canada. We have aligned ourselves with the best and largest dent tool manufactures in the world and buy at large volumes so that we can pass the discounts on to #1, you our customer. At DCCDentTools you will never pay a duty fee or fill out a customs form. We stand behind our promise that all items in stock on the site will ship within 24 hours of your order and if issues ever arise you can call us directly and one of our DCC team members would be happy to help! Our mission is to provide high quality, technology driven PDR supplies quickly, right the first time & to make the experience so enjoyable that we will welcome your next order again soon.

We offer a complete line of PDR Kits, Glue Pulling Kits and dent removal tools ranged from beginner to advanced, for both door dingers and hail chasers. Need a custom dent removal tool kit? Let the DCCDentTools professionals help you select the right products to fit your specific needs. With over 18 years of pushing dents ourselves, we get it. We are very excited and look forward to the opportunity to serve as the new industry standard for our paintless dent repair community.