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DCC Hail Introduces New Damage Estimating Tool!

DCC Hail Introduces New Damage Estimating Tool!

DCC Hail Introduces New Damage Estimating Tool

Toronto, Ontario — February 15, 2019 — DCCHail, a paintless dent repair network has introduced its new damage estimating tool, the DCCScan.

According to DCCHail, the DCCScan has the ability to inspect and document automotive hail damage under an average of five seconds per scan. This greatly increases efficiency during the appraisal process. This technology takes the guesswork and human error out of hail estimating by documenting the number and size of dents on both the top and side panels of a vehicle.

Artificial intelligence is incorporated in DCCScans operating system and gives paintless dent repairers the ability to scan any make or model of vehicle without the need for a baseline scan of an undamaged vehicle. DCCScan can also be used for many applications outside of hail damage estimating. A few additional applications include Pre/Post repair prior damage inspections and rental car delivery/return damage inspections.

There are two versions of DCCScan for their customers and partners. The first version is for brick and mortar locations and is not intended to be moved regularly. The second version is designed to be used in more mobile situations and gives the user more location flexibility.

DCCScan can provide multiple options for report generation. Paper copies, electronic versions, and system to system integration are available for some estimating programs. DCCScan is fully integrated with DCCHail’s proprietary estimating and job management system, PDRmax to provide full PDR estimates using multiple pricing guidelines.

For more information about this new technology, please contact Kent Cancilla at 204-612-8400.

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