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Carbon Tech Paintless Dent Repair Tool Review

Carbon Tech Paintless Dent Repair Tool Review

Carbon Tech Paintless Dent Repair Tool Review

Today’s PDR tool spotlight is Carbon Tech Paintless Dent Repair. Carbon Tech is famous for their Hail Rod and “Never Loose” light mount, but did you know that they have brought out an entire line of accessories to sweeten the deal?

The whole expansion system starts with the collet head which attaches directly to the Carbon Tech hail rod and it works as a quick-change adapter for the new line of high quality PDR picks. Score!

Say goodbye to wasted time & HELLO to added productivity! Never again will you halt what you are doing to thread in a new tip. Thanks to this simple adjustable collet head, new pdr tips are changeable within seconds. FYI, carry the complete line of life changing picks, now available at dcc dent tools. The picks make pushing on roofs through the foam and padded roofs easier.

But don’t worry if you have a tip that you cannot live without, Carbon Tech PDR has you covered as well with a collet adapter screw in tip attachment. The threads compatible with all major PDR tool brands.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from techs is the necessity to cut the glued in bracing located on a roof panel. It’s a time waster, requiring you to get off the back of the vehicle or bench, find your cutter and climb back up into the vehicle and finally continue working. Never again! Introducing the hail rod glue cutter attachment you will be ready to work with minimal interruptions and completely eliminating several annoying steps. Just switch out your attachments, cut the glue loose, all while standing at the back of the vehicle.

We are a proud Carbon Tech PDR partner and much like us here at DCCHail, they are embracing technology and science to mitigate those headaches that we all know and hate within the PDR industry. All PDR tools discussed are available and in-stock onwww.denttools.ca or visit our parent company website www.dcchail.com then click on the tool shop link. Our everyday promise to you is that all products in-stock ship within 24 hours, no duty, no customs ever.

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