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K-Bar Review

K-Bar Review

K-Bar Review

This month’s Product Showcase will bring your attention to the Keco K-Bar Glue Pulling System This month’s Product Showcase will bring your attention to the Keco K-Bar Glue Pulling System

Keco has created the K-Bar to increase your leverage while pulling large dents and hard to access panels. The K-bar offers a full range of attachments that get the job done while requiring the least amount of effort on the PDR Technicians part. First, we will focus on the actual setup and pulling action of the Keco K-Bar by itself; The Keco K-Bar’s center action allows for a multitude of pulling attachments for large dents, creases, panels and hard to reach encapsulated areas. It is no longer necessary to use slide hammers or small footprint lifters to pull large creased areas. We currently use the Keco K-bar when pulling commercial van roofs after they have been damaged. We’ve all seen the crushed roofs due to car carriers being mounted on top of the roof incorrectly. The K-Bar is your perfect solution for the job.

Below you will see the K-Bar with a Keco Centipede Adapter and Centipede glue rails; We’ve all had customers arrive with a dented trunk panel thanks to backing up, the dent perfectly positioned in an enclosed or encapsulated area of the panel. When the dent has exceeded the pulling capacity of a slide hammer the Keco K-Bar will become your new favorite tool! With the ability to increase your leverage point on the exterior of the panel, you can increase the pulling power.

The K-Bar when bought as a kit comes with 4 adapters: the Super Tab attachment and 25/50/100mm Centipede adapters. The Keco K-bar threaded adapter can be raised or lowered to lock into any Keco Super Tab, Centipede Crease Tab or Black Plague Crease Tab. The Centipede adapters made from extruded aluminum comes in 3 sizes allow you to customize the pulling power. Currently the K-Bar is hands down the best system for unconventional dents on any metal surfaces.

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