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Edgy Tools Review

Edgy Tools Review

Edgy Tools Review

This month’s product feature we would like to showcase Edgy tools. Edgy Tools has multiple trademarked Paintless Dent Repair Tools, but today we talk PDR hangers!

How could something so simple be revolutionized and brought into the modern hail repair business, while improving processes and delivering a more effective PDR result? Keep reading…

Edgy tools have single handedly took an essential PDR tool and made it better and more effective. No more “S” hooks or tools sliding and becoming displaced when you are changing positions, Edgy has become the one stop shop for hangers.

Let’s take a look at each one individually. First, the beloved “Push Perfect Hanger”.

The Edgy Tool hanger has a hook shaped saddle to reduce the amount of pressure on the hole or metal, also eliminating slippage, reducing swivel, and holding the rod straight and true. Additionally, Push Perfect Hangers are made from a single piece of hardened steel which has been stress tested to over 1000ft/lbs. The tool is powder coated to prevent damage and to increase the life of the hook.

Just bought a 1” Diameter hail rod? No worries Edgy has got you covered. With the same high-quality construction as the original “Push Perfect Hanger” the all new “Magnum Hanger”. It’s the best on the market and engineered to maintain its shape indefinitely & solidify itself as an integral piece of your PDR tool kit.

The Magnum Hanger is crafted from the same high strength steel as the Push Perfect only with a 1.75” diameter hole intended for large 1” or Flat bars. This PDR hanger is the perfect accompaniment to any hail rod and/or flat rod for the additional leverage needed on long cargo vans and sport utility vehicle roofs. The Magnum might just end up being your very best friend, bye bye S hooks!

We all hate resetting our rod when changing areas on a bedside, always hunting for another area to hang from for a little better angle? Edgy has thought of that as well. They have introduced the “3-way Step Hanger” no more repositioning hangers or pulling the rod all the way out to change the angle point. It really is as easy as 1-2-3!

With the “3-way Hanger” you’ll have the ability to change the angle without backing all the way back out. This saddle hook design banishes the hanger from slipping or disfiguring your holes like we know happens often with a traditional “S” hook.

We are a proud Edgy Tools partner and much like us here at DCCHail, they are embracing technology and science to mitigate those headaches that we all know and hate within the PDR industry. All hangers discussed are available and in-stock onwww.denttools.ca or through our parent companies web-sitewww.dcchail.com then click on the tool shop link. Our everyday promise to you is that all products in-stock ship within 24 hours, no duty, no customs ever.

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